More about us

There is a great paucity of information in the financial sector wherein people end up paying more for mediocre to poor service; people deserve better. We choose to be different and have adopted the goal of empowering people with the right and relevant financial knowledge so that they can make informed decisions. We have taken the onus of delivering the best financial services at competitive prices. We understand the importance of spending money in the right manner and will ensure that your money is not wasted on soaring fees.

Technological advantage

With technology overriding all aspects of our life, we have chosen to use the same technology in a manner that is beneficial to the investor by making them understand the financial jargon and rigmarole better. Understanding is the first step to better investments and realizing your financial goals.

Our story

Our CEO was at the receiving end of exorbitant servicing fees and poor customer service. This incident sowed the seed for our company which has been founded on the principles of exemplary customer service and minimal service fees. We are proud to state that this initiative by our CEO has benefitted several families hoping to save for a better and brighter future.

Our Goal

Our goal is to make financial advice available to everybody at affordable rates. We believe it is your right to know and you should get it. While the internet has enough information on what one should and shouldn’t do, not all information may be pertinent to your case. You need personal assistance which we can provide without emptying your coffers.

Social responsibility

We are aware of our role in the society and have never shied away from our social responsibilities. We actively participate in all programs directed towards the well-being of the community and the downtrodden in the society. We offer scholarships to deserving candidates in both academics and sports.

Equal treatment

We have zero tolerance for any kind of discrimination on the basis of color, creed, nationality, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. We treat our employees with respect and expect the same from our patrons. Abusive language and violence will not be tolerated and will be dealt with strictly. We encourage our patrons to have an open view and accept the diversity of the human race.

Transparent dealing

All our dealings are fair and square and transparent. We abide by the rules that govern the financial industry and do not indulge in anything that is unethical and against the values of the company.